Post #11. On the village green

What is it that makes country markets so appealing? In cities people go to great lengths to recreate that country feeling with regular crafter’s and food markets in open or rustic spaces. These markets are sometimes even called farmers’ markets or organic markets. I expected to find the phrases “the village green” and “the country fair” in Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase & Fable – and didn’t. Nevertheless, I maintain that the idea of the village green has come to represent an idyllic gathering place for people and their dogs. Especially if there is a market taking place of a Saturday morning.

It is possible for the ideal and the real to merge if one is lucky enough to live in a village that has a regular Saturday morning market on a lovely stretch of green grass at a place called Butterfly’s Bistro that serves good coffee and craft beer and delicious food.

Here are some photographs of the Hogsback Easter market. The are a bit blurry because the mist came down.

The mist made it quite romantic if a bit damp. And, the Easter Bunny (aka Glenn Olsen Naude) was there with her range of pretty girls’ dresses, hand made from South African shweshwe fabric, and other items.

Who can resist an Easter sale? Not me when it comes to beautifully crafted bags. I bought this one from Gloria Robinson who has a range called The Linnery It is perfect for my in-process quilting projects, which I can now carry around in style.

This is Elaina Joubert’s hand spun, hand dyed wool. I reluctantly resisted buying a ball.


And this is a display of some of Andrew Stevens’ fine woodware. The rolling pins and spatulas are very popular. The wooden eggs were in keeping with the Easter theme.


This was my “spot”, where I spent a happy morning chatting to people and knitting.

Tail Piece

Here is my completed quilter’s Ruler case. I am well pleased with the finished product.





3 thoughts on “Post #11. On the village green

  1. I always loved the misty Hogsback days and wish I could have been at the Market. Is it held once a year and always at more or less the same time? I need an excuse to visit… Have sent in The Donkin Houses for framing!


    1. The market happens regularly on the last Saturday of the month at Butterfly’s Bistro — so you can choose your time to visit misty Hogsback.
      Glad to hear the Donkin Street houses have gone for framing.


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