On birthdays

Last year, to celebrate one of those birthdays with a zero at the end of the number, I hung all my quilts – old and new – up in the garden. It was something I had wanted to do ever since seeing a photograph of how Kaffe Fassett’s textile masterpieces were displayed in a garden. And I am glad I did it. It was a glorious day – the early summer sun was shining and friends came to look, drink tea and champagne, and celebrate with me.

As a continuation of that celebration, here are some of the photographs from that day.



Birthday exhibition 21


Birthday exhibition 11

10 thoughts on “On birthdays

  1. What a glorious way to celebrate your birthday – I love this! Looks like there is a lot of awesomeness in your garden in those photos – I especially love the tree themed quilts (well all of them look wonderful!)


  2. Found you via tierneycreates. Found this post by scrolling down the blog…decided to comment here as I, too, have just celebrated a milestone birthday and love your quilty garden celebration!
    Am following.
    Happy Holidays


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