Poem #12

Circling the Square

A golden block of blocks

– a detail from a lovers’ quilt

in Klimt’s Partial Fulfilment  –

lodged itself on the wall behind my eye.


The after-image lurked,

– like the golden mean

that gives hidden form

in nature’s beauty –

until I refabricated Klimt’s painted quilt,

then circled this square of squared shapes

with rows of more blocks,

an echoing green

of browns and beiges,

silvers and pieces of gold.


Framed by these banded rows,

couched in an inner frame

of curved pathways that fold back on themselves,

the mounted image shines

as a clovered centre of accomplishment.

Partial fulfilment

4 thoughts on “Poem #12

  1. I so want to touch this quilt…not that it looks soft, but because it would aid in my understanding of its construction more fully. It has piqued my interest as an art appreciator and as a creative.
    The 3D affect of the floating central ‘square’ is intriguing – in addition to your use of personal style in ‘refabricating’ Klimt’s painted quilt.
    A wonderous use of a toned down palette as it speaks color to my personal eye.


    1. Thank you for noticing and commenting so carefully. The central panel is “loose” and is only stitched onto the background quilt along the top edge. The background quilt was made as a “frame” for the Klimt detail. It grew and grew! BTW, behind the central panel is a stitched labyrinth

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