To market, to market…

A year ago I tentatively explored the idea of becoming a marketeer. By that I mean “a person who sells in a market” (OED) and not a specialist in marketing (also OED). Now that I intend to do this in earnest, and in preparation for the Sunnyside Street Festival to be held in Grahamstown-Makhanda next Wednesday (1 May), I made a bunting banner of my brand name (ahem). It was too long to fit nicely into one photograph, so here is a piecemeal photograph of it.

I had fun making the bunting and used the sewing machine’s triple stitch, set on a close zig zag, to applique the letters. It worked like a dream and I am well pleased because I have not managed to successfully satin stitch along a raw edge before this. (In my last post I waxed lyrical on being shown how to use the triple stitch on my machine at Rosalie Dace’s workshop.)

And another set of photographs of the bunting banner strung up above my worktable:

We were at Hogsback for the long weekend over Easter and at the market there I put up a pop exhibition of ten of my smaller quilts (25 x 25 cm). It was a lovely autumnal day and the open air display twinkled nicely in the sun. I enjoyed chatting to another quilter who said she was inspired to make small pieces after seeing these quiltlets. If I had not put them up I would not have met her, nor would I have sold some quilts.


During the rest of the weekend I hand quilted and enjoyed the mountain air. Once again I was surprised and pleased at the difference rows of stitching can make. The piece I am working on is of fine cotton fabric, with muslin used for the backing. The needle and thread pass through the layers of the quilt smoothly and easily.


17 thoughts on “To market, to market…

  1. It’s been so long since I’ve seen a hand quilted WIP…lovely stitching! Can’t wait to see it finished.
    Everything looks so peaceful in this post – including those fun banners! Good Luck with your new marketing adventure!


  2. Yaaaaay! I hope you had a fun day – I do love a good market! The quiltlets are a great idea, and your banner looks great… I really like the series of photos showing the sections in close-up! Any more markets in the pipeline?


  3. So great that things are going well. I have also ventured into the Marketing arena and had some wonderful meetings and experiences. And some orders from a shop in Gardens have given me courage and conviction that I am on a good path. Here’s to success and fun!!


  4. I somehow missed this last week. What a lovely post! I would absolutely love to see you at a Market. Those blues you’re quilting now are absolutely gorgeous. Is to be a ‘quiltlet’ or something bigger?


    1. Glad you found it and enjoyed it. The market was great fun. And thank you for noticing the quilt of blues. I must confess I added the photograph of the quilt in progress as a teaser. All will be revealed in good time!


  5. Love this bunting banner! I’ve been making some (paper) bunting over the last little while (little triangles are so adorably festive), and you’ve just given me a great idea! 🙂


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