On stepping off the world

It’s been a week of packing and packaging. The packing was for a walk through the wilds, and the packaging to send quilts off to the kind conveners of the National Quilt Festival.

So it’s been a busy time. Too busy to write a proper post this week. This comes to you from my cellphone and from the kerksaal (church hall) in the small Eastern Cape town of Patensie. I am part of a group of walkers that sets off tomorrow to walk about 300 km through the Baviaans. This is a world heritage site, containing seven biomes.

I can’t quite believe I am about to set off on this adventure. It is South African version of the Camino. If you would like to know more about the Indlela yo buntu, look for it on Facebook.

Once the quilt exhibition is up at the National Quilt Festival in August I will be able to post photographs of the quilts I have entered. Right now I am glad that they are finished, packaged, and sent off, and am looking forward to two weeks of walking through beautiful countryside.

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