On Bags

It is a universal assumption that women love bags. The fashion industry and glossy magazines certainly play into this and produce and advertise bags of all shapes, sizes, materials, and colours.

I have heard it said that a quilter can use a self-made bag to make a statement and confess to having done exactly this. Recently I gathered some of the bags I have made over the years and displayed them on the hat and coat rack in the entrance to our house.

(The entrance room is also my workspace and I decided I would rather look at these than an untidy collection of hats, umbrellas, jackets, yoga mat, and shopping bags.)

Vanity aside, bags are practical items. And if a bag is beautiful as well as useful then it is a double bonus.

These thoughts were going through my mind yesterday as I stitched away at my sewing machine, making … yes, you guessed correctly … bags.

First I stitched some shopping totes from quirky overdyed fabric.

Then I made small sling bags, which can safely and comfortably hold a cellphone, wallet and keys.

The National Arts Festival opens on 27 June in Grahamstown-Makhanda and the Village Green craft market is literally on our doorstep. So, we are going to have a home-based stall on our verandah. The bags will be on sale at the stall.

If you are coming for festival, look out for FABRICATIONS and Nonsuch Woodware, opposite the entrance gates to The Green. Our stoep-stall will be festooned with quilts.

To return to the subject of bags. I finally got round to making the lining for the crocheted bag, made last year from the Sophie’s Garden pattern.

It measures 48×48 cm, and is 15 cm deep. My yarn stash fits neatly into the bag. A repurposed box between the lining and the bag keeps it nice and stiff. I also used table mat batting to add to the firm finish.

On returning to the world

In my last post I wrote that we were about to set off on a two-week walk through the wilderness. It was a refreshing and remarkable, but also physically rigorous time.

Maybe I can stitch something of that experience into a quilt.

Meanwhile, it has taken a while to recover and return to this reality.

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