On Sitting on the Stoep, continued

It is another wintry Friday afternoon and, like last week, I am sitting on the front verandah of our house, thinking about things in general (i.e. stoepsitting) and about what to say in this week’s blog post in particular. Uppermost in my mind is how nice it is to be in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the festivities of the Village Green craft market at the National Arts Festival.

I see a couple pushing a double pram (twins?) along the road, I hear many conversations in the foreground as people stand at the gates to the Green and chat, I also hear live music coming from the beer tent and the sound of the occasional car driving slowly down the road. I smell the aromas coming from the food stalls. Then I stop writing to chat to people who have come to browse.

Here is photographic evidence of the carnival atmosphere of the street.

The week has flown and now it is the start of the final weekend of the Festival. The music seems to have gotten faster, the buzz on the street louder, the mood even more jovial.

They say it pays to advertise so I am unashamedly going to add another set of photographs of the Nonsuch Woodware and FABRICATIONS “stoep-stall”. Here goes!

Photographs by Amy Stevens

I hope you have enjoyed the virtual tour. If you happen to be in Grahamstown, please pop in ovthis weekend.

13 thoughts on “On Sitting on the Stoep, continued

  1. Found something to do on a chilly Sunday arvy! Read your blog (aka blogspotting). Inspirational crafts Mariss and Andrew and all other contributors. Thank you.


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