Poem #22

Lime Squares

Echoes of hot days,

the tonic of gin

with lots of ice to spice

the cooling clink

against the glass

Soda fizz and sliced lemon

in zestful curlings

tango on the tongue,

as the heat recedes 

with each slow sip.

13 thoughts on “Poem #22

  1. While I’m more of a margarita gal…your limey (pun intended – if it even applies to a British Commonwealth nation such as NZ…I know it’s often used in reference to naval Englishmen…).
    Anyway, your luscious poem (changing words!) is enticing!
    And the Lime Squares Quilt even more so…
    Are you rested from the crafts festival? I’m sure you came back inspired from all you saw, tasted, smelled and ate.
    This post shows you’ve been busy at it!


  2. Crisp and refreshing- the poem and the quilt! Salud Mariss! Love the hint of mischief in ‘zestful curlings’ and ‘tango on the tongue’😍


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