At the Interchange Quilt Festival

It’s been a whirlwind of a week. And it’s not over yet. I have one more class and lecture to look forward to at the National Quilt Festival before it ends on Friday (23 August). This festival, with the theme of Interchange: Threads Connect, is being held near Johannesburg at Heronbridge College.

Once I have processed the overload of stimulation I will write about the classes I have been to and the visual feast of the quilts on exhibition.

Meanwhile, here are photographs of quilts that I entered.

Tiny Houses, a miniature quilt.

Tiny Houses with its miniature companions at the National Quilt Festival

Hand-in-Hand, made for the 40×40 cm challenge with the theme of “threads connect”

The display of the Threads Connect Challenge

The quilt I entered in a tri-nations challenge with the theme of Interchange and a size stipulation of 60×40 cm. The exhibition will travel to the participating countries, Ireland and Germany

In previous posts I have dropped hints about the quilts I made for this festival. I could not publish photographs of them before they had been exhibited.

15 thoughts on “At the Interchange Quilt Festival

  1. Well done Mariss The Quilter!
    Beautiful entries!
    So glad you are enjoying the festival and look forward to your writings on what you have learned.
    I love that you love practising your craft and art


  2. What a wealth of offerings you provided, Mariss. The background to your little houses is what caught my eye…a ‘simple’ gradation from green (earth) to blue (sky) but with fabric pattern texture supporting the houses ‘built’ upon it.
    That’s just one observation! What a fantastic oeuvre-slice of your work presented here at this festival.
    BTW: The Hand in Hand packs an (he)artistic punch with a message – always a good thing IMHO!


    1. Well thank you, I appreciate your fine eye and “humble opinion”.
      Got that background by painting over black and white patterned fabric with diluted fabric paint.
      Am looking forward to reading your six days of posts once the festival is over

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  3. It’s so good to see your work in display like this, Mariss! They’re beautiful… And how cool that you’ve been involved with an international project alongside quilters from Ireland! Any chance that quilt’s coming up here sometime as part of its travels?


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