Poem #23


Our watered home,

the womb of life,

blinks as a bright blue cell

from outer space.

Earth is a seedbed 

for the myriad microbes

that dance upward

into all the forms

we’ve classified as kingdoms

with ourselves enthroned

as the crown of creation.

Without us Earth would be Eden,

balanced and beautiful,

the green grass of our home

untrammelled and not laid to waste.

On this bit of cloth at least

the fecundity of forests and flowers

flourishes unhindered.

Oikos. 50 x 50 cm

22 thoughts on “Poem #23

    1. Thanks Laura. Yes it is free form and no I don’t plan. Just stitched off the seat of my pants and with hope to guide the needle. (It doesn’t always work of course and unpicking FM stitching is nigh impossible.)
      Question : are you receiving my comments on your posts? Congrats on six years of blogging and six days of posts

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      1. Oh yes, I am…and responded to them yesterday. Are you not getting those responses to your comments? Please let me know as I tend to have WP issues. 😦
        Wow, I am impressed with FMQ by the seat of your pants ‘handwriting’ wow!


  1. I had to look up the word ‘oikos’ and discover why you chose it to add such depth and resonance to your already deep and resonating poem. I had no idea that the ‘eco’ in ecology came from this word and it adds to my understanding of the concept – so thank you. Anyway, I really like the poem and have reread it several times and like it more each time. The poem and the quilt complement each other. On one level the quilt makes me think of green planet Earth, our home, floating in the blue. (I am also amazed at the cursive script – which is tantalizing as I only picked out some of the words to read.)


    1. I am bowled over by your incisive comments. Thank you.
      The Kingsolver quotation comes from her book, Small Wonder, and the essay “Knowing our Place”. The words I stitched are: “We sing the song of our home because we are animals, and an animal is no better or wiser or safer than its habitat and food chain. Among the greatest of all gifts is to know our place.” (p.40).
      Barbara Kingsolver is my hero

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      1. That is a lovely quote and so profound. It is definitely stitch-worthy and perfect for the quilt. I must make an effort to get hold of some of Kingsolver’s non-fiction. (I regret that I was never able to get into “Poisonwood Bible” – a poor reflection on me rather than the book!)

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    1. Thank you for liking the poem and the quilt. Yes, I did write freehand with my sewing machine. The trick is to keep going, like I was taught when I first learnt cursive writing at school all those years ago. Confession: I did practise with a pencil on paper first, and I did draw chalk guidelines on the fabric to emulate exercise book lines

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  2. Truly beautiful quilt and truly moving words, Mariss. My favourite line describes the untrammeled green grass of home — something I’ve also imagined. The poem puts a great twinge in my heart at all we’ve done, with hope for something better. I love your stitched cursive, too. 👍


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