On Starting and Finishing

One of the classes I did at the National Quilt Festival in August was on mastering hand applique with Marline Turner. I have been quiet about this because I am daunted at the idea of starting an applique piece. This is not to say that I don’t want to master this art and that I did not learn an enormous amount during Marline’s class. It’s just that I haven’t started the work. I also have no photographs to brighten up this post. A lonely stem, a leaf, and a half a flower (all the I accomplished during the class) are hardly photogenic.

Marline Turner’s winning quilt Royal Doulton Delft or Wedgewood received the Usha Award for Excellence in Quilting at the India Quilt Festival this year. It is breathtaking and was an inspiration to all of us during the class as the quilt was hanging in the room. Alas, I did not take a photograph of it and have also not been able to download one off the web. If you would like a peak, the link is https://www.indiaquiltfestival.com/iqf2019-winners

We are off to the mountain for ten days and I have packed various half finished handwork projects. Hopefully when we get back I will be able to add a few more photographs to the “finishing line” section of my post.

Finishing LIne

Last week I wrote about the classes I did at the Dias Spring Show. Before my enthusiasm waned and the projects went cold on me, I finished the embroidery and strung that handful of beads. Here’s the evidence:

The embroidery sampler disguised as a useful zipper pouch, started during Chiquita Vosloo’s class. She provided the clever design and prepared fabric for the pouch
Fabric beads made at Angie Weiswanne’s class, now strung with commercial spacer beads and proudly worn by yours truly.
(How is this for a new take on a “selfie”?)

13 thoughts on “On Starting and Finishing

  1. Wow M, I can’t wait to see the appliqué piece after seeing what you did with the Fabric beads and the embroidery pouch. Go girl!


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