My Favourite Thing

What do you think that may be? Stitching, of course. To be more precise, stitching is high on my list of favourite things. In answer to a challenge put out by Brother, I entered a quilt in their competition with the theme “my favourite things” and I am pleased and proud to announce that it was one of the five finalists in the South African section of the competition. This means that it will travel to Japan to rub shoulders with winning quilts from other participating Brother group companies from around the world in the 19th Annual Brother International Quilting Contest to be held in December.

Turkish Delight.

The first and second prizes were won by Tilly de Harde, one of South Africa’s most accomplished textile artists, for her works Fantasy Garden and Zentangle Owl. The third prize and fan’s choice went to Elsje Jansen van Rensburg for Birding is My Passion. The photographs of these quilts are from the Brother website ( )

I named my quilt Turkish Delight after the hand dyed silk embroidery thread from the Cameleon Threads range ( that I used to quilt some of the piece, and because Turkish delight is one of my favourite sweets. Then there was also the word “delight” itself, which is a lovely, strong synonym for “favourite”. The Oxford English Dictionary says it means “great pleasure”. And when I heard that it had made it to the finals I certainly felt “highly pleased” (OED).

My quilting friends rather rudely referred to it as “the needle” when they saw it as a work in progress on the pin board. Their comments were justified as the needle is about 60 cm long and 10 cm wide.

The needle is made from silver lame. To stablise it I backed the lame with iron-on Vilene and then satin stiched around the edges by machine to stop the metallic fabric from fraying. The remainder of the stitching was done by hand, except for applying the binding. For this I used one of my favourite Kaffe Fassett striped fabrics.

Apart from the stranded silk thread, I also used silver metallic thread on and around the needle and House of Emrboidery hand dyed perle thread for the quilt’s background cross hatch quilting . Here is a close-up of the needle to give a better view of the stitching.

Stitched beneath the needle are the words “for me, stitching is like breathing” . This is a quotation from Judy Martin’s blog Judy’s Journal ( )

14 thoughts on “My Favourite Thing

  1. Brilliant Mariss!
    I have watched you follow your passion and its really inspiring!
    Its a beautiful quilt. Very exciting that you will accompany it to Japan.
    May we all find our joy and purpose, as you have.
    Your proud friend…


  2. Congratulations on coming 5th especially considering those worthy adversaries. Sjoe! So you and the bokke have something in common then! Winners in Japan. Sorry you can’t join your quilt. Maybe you should?


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