Poem #32

A String of Angels

for Bev

We can’t converse
with the beasts,
and it is only
through a tear 
in the tissue
that separates
the vegetable
from the celestial
that we may glimpse
the angels.

This string
of nine angels
was fabricated
one Saturday,
through a slip
of the rotary blade
(slicing like butter
through nine layers
of sandwiched
fabric squares)
when making
crazy stars.
A missed step,
four cuts
instead of five, and
the star shape was lost.
“Look! They’re angels!”
you said.

This small host
slipped through
a chink in the chain,
waved in greeting
and left their 
shape-shifted imprint
on nine blocks
of mispieced fabric.

19 thoughts on “Poem #32

  1. Mariss! This poem is absolutely exquisite. (And so is the quilt). How am I ever going to gather all your beautiful quilting poems in one easily-accessible reading space if you don’t publish a book?


  2. Aha, a true ‘Mariss Pattern’. They really do look like angels and I really would like ‘the pattern’ if you can somehow demo it?
    Who is the you of the ‘you said’? I’m thinking one of your children at a younger age?
    Love this, as always your voice is gentle and insightful…


    1. Thanks dear Laura for your comments and insights.
      The you is Bev, who was teaching us how to make crazy stars and to whom the poem is dedicated (and who saw the angels).
      Will happily make a photo demo for you. We are off to Hogsback today, so when we return

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