Poem #33

Sunshine and shadow

That Sunday something more
than my Bernina’s flywheel 
turned as I stitched,
then turned again
to arrive 
at an unexpected place.

It was not the design
that I set out to copy
that turned up,
and fell into place,
but something else.

Sunshine and Shadow (108 x 73 cm)

13 thoughts on “Poem #33

  1. Well, I truly like the outcome! I find it very satisfying when a project takes me in a direction I hadn’t expected. I expect you feel the same. Nice work, Mariss!


  2. Love the visual image in your poem…the part about the Bernina (I love my Bernina, she’s around 20+ yrs old) and arriving at an unexpected place.
    And your featured quilt is a splash of happiness – we all need more color in our lives right now IMHO!


    1. And I love your new logo — took a moment to realise it was you, dear Laura. My Bernina has just turned 20 (gulp!). When I made this quilt in 2006 we were just starting to feel comfortable with one another and, yes, she is still taking me to unexpected places. Glad you like the quilt too.

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    1. Thanks Mary. The fabric is a hand dyed set of fat quarters from a South African company called Amafu. When I started quilting I used these packs often because the colours and palettes are so gorgeous and it saved me the agony of choosing the range myself. Between you and me it probably took longer to produce the poem than it did to make the quilt!

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