On Going Online

This has been a challenging journey. About three years ago I took the idea of ‘establishing an online presence’ seriously after I tried to join a textile site and was asked about my said online presence. Huh? What’s that, I asked myself. What I really wanted to do was to work with textiles, to make quilts and to stitch. Then I realised that to do this I would need to sell some of the works to fund my preoccupation. And to do this I would need to advertise. And the best place to do this is online.

Tentatively I ventured beyond Facebook into Instagram, and then into WordPress where I wanted to set up a website. That was too daunting and I ended up writing a blog by mistake. A couple of years down the line and I am proud to announce that I have now managed to extend FABRICATIONS to more pages (that makes it a website) and have signed up for my own domain name.

Over the past weeks I have been working on the drafts of an About page. (I would call this a biography or a biographical note, but what’s in a name?.) Because I was working off the seat of my pants it took a while to construct the page. WordPress kindly kept a tally so I know that it took 30 revisions. WordPress also offers helpful templates and tutorials, which I did use. But then found myself changing the layout anyway, just because I discovered I could.

Those many revisions to the About page gave me confidence to make another page which contains the poems about quilts that I have published on the blog over the past years. This is thanks to one of my supportive readers who kept urging me to publish the poems. I am glad to have collected them onto one electronic page. (Odd to think that what would have been called a book if the poems had been published on paper is now called a page in the online world.)

After designing and then publishing these two pages I played a little silent game to see if anyone would notice. Another faithful and helpful reader not only noticed but took the trouble to email me about a mistake. I am grateful. This was also a reminder of how supportive and containing the friends I have made in the blogging world are.

This is a rather text heavy post. If you need some pictorial relief, please click on my brand new gallery pages.

This lockdown time has generated other online opportunities. A technically proficient young woman in Grahamstown first established the TRADE virtual market, an online monthly market for local (to my world) crafters on Facebook. This has was worked nicely for me. Then she took a further, generous step to promote local traders and has opened the TRADE shop. I am proud to say that FABRICATIONS occupies a corner of that shop.

When I googled the word ‘online’ to check that I was using the accepted spelling I learnt that it should strictly speaking be written as on-line but that “[i]t’s now common to use ‘online’, whereas, at first, to say that you were ‘online’ was seen to be like saying that a tennis player is ‘oncourt’ or that a builder is ‘onsite’.” (www.future-perfect.co.uk) Language adapts, as do humans and my online adventure has been both challenging and exciting.

And now, for some light relief, let me return to my hand stitching.

19 thoughts on “On Going Online

  1. Let me be the first to congratulate you on a job well done (and yet, websites are always in a continual state of change, too!)
    I cannot ‘like’ any of your pages (who knows why, it could even be my browser…I haven’t figured out this nuance for my own website!!!) so consider this a comment filled with lotsa likes.
    Your about page is well worthy to not be ‘trashed’
    Plus I see you have a good command of WP’s block editor – brava!
    So now, back to your stitching!
    peace always


  2. Congratulations on working for more online presence. I’m sorry to say I find it tiring to try to modify the structure of my blog, though I have done it. So I know you have put in some work!


  3. You’ve done a wonderful job of expanding your online presence. Making those additions and adjustments to our blogs and websites is time-consuming and thought provoking, so I’m glad you took time to relax with some stitching too!


  4. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Your Website is great and I love your Gallery . I also think you are very brave and clever! Ooodles K

    Sent from my iPad



  5. Hi Mariss – I like the way you have organised the site. Lovely to see the galleries – the work gathered together like that is even more impressive. I look forward to dipping into and reading the poems. Your ‘About’ page provides a bit more of ‘catch up’ after our undergrad student days!


  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I struggle daily with this issue, as my natural inclination is to just do and make rather than have to write about the doing and making.
    I always feel a few steps behind technology and am not good at diarising or journalling my studio process, or progress for that matter! The next thing you will have to consider is online tutoring! My energies are rather more geared in favour of working with real material in the actual world rather than the virtual one. I am glad though, that it is working well for you and kudos for persisting in that endeavour. You inspire me!


  7. Yes, it is a dilemma and doing computer stuff is draining. I am sure your beautiful pottery sells itself so just keep making! Hopefully the live markets will soon return and those work for you, so there is less need for online marketing. That’s an advantage of living in a city. Thanks for noticing my endeavours and for commenting, Viv.


  8. Congratulations! I checked out your Trade shop. What a wonderful forum to sell your exceptionally amazing textile creations!
    I am glad you ended up writing a blog by mistake – I think a lot of good came out of that 🙂
    Oh and thanks for the pictorial relief – ha! We could have made it through just text but images of your art are always appreciated 🙂


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