Poem #36 of 36

Window to the future

for Andrew

The stained glass windows
in old churches 
let in the light
but block the view
with their pieced pictures
of paradise.

Could this be a priest’s ploy
to screen off reality
with lighted friezes
of comforting grace?

There is energy
in those windows,
infused by the craftsmen
who painstakingly
cut and leaded
the coloured glass
into a message of hope,
a homily
from arched windows
set in the stone
of cathedrals.

So here is a 24-starred window
stitched instead of leaded,
a talisman of hope
and new beginnings
and set in stone coloured cloth
to celebrate
the glow of early morning light
on your hand hewn stairs
Window to the Future (215 x 140 cm)

POSTSCRIPT This is the last of the poems from The Quilt Collection, which I have been posting on my blog at irregular intervals. If you want to backtrack, the set of poems with their accompanying images can be found on the page titled POEMS

22 thoughts on “Poem #36 of 36

  1. A beautiful, haunting poem making the quilt come alive with meaning. Lovely that you dedicated it to Andrew and his hand hewn stairs. x


  2. Perfect pairing of poetry and pieced image. I really like the actual window assemblage…yes the stained glass fabric piecing is very cool, but the architecture of the pieced window is structurally sound via fabric, also.


  3. Okay now you are ready to get your book of art quilt and poems published – amazing. I liked reading the poem first and then when I scrolled down that amazing piece took my breath away! I definitely got the stained glass window vibe from that piece!


    1. Thanks for appreciating my sneaky ploy of placing the poem before the image, and for your wonderfully enthusiastic response to the quilt.
      I suspect it has become even more difficult to get a book of poems published in book form. But perhaps I should try. Thanks for the encouragement

      Liked by 1 person

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