On Another Kantha Sampler

Kantha sampler for November. 15 x 24 cm; 6 x 9.5 inches

My friend Laura Bruno Lilly wrote about the monthly kantha samplers I have been making during this strange year in a post called Pandemic Potpourri V and it was nice to be reminded that I had sung the praises of the simple running stitch (which is the basis for the various patterns that one can produce using this stitching style).

That said, I am glad to be on the home run of this self-imposed challenge to make a sampler per month during 2020 (or MMXX, with thanks to Laura for alerting me to this alternative convention for writing the date). November’s sampler is rather smaller than its previous monthly companions! I have an idea for December and plan to make a bigger piece as I enjoy the quiet time leading up to Christmas.

Any guesses on what I was up to this month with my stitching experiment?

Starting Block

Last week I mentioned that I was plotting and planning something with the extra templates given to us at the Elongated Hexi class that I attended. Here’s a photograph of the start of a hand-pieced Skinny Elongated Hexigon quilt. I am not planning to finish it any time soon as the patches are rather small. It is a marvellous way of using the scraps and fat quarters that have been given to me by my quilting friends, near and far.

15 thoughts on “On Another Kantha Sampler

  1. My first guess: direction of the kantha ‘arrows’? My secondary thought is that perhaps you had a birthday in November and – ahem – number of years old is the representation of the sampler?
    Hope I haven’t spoiled the guessing for others…but I waited for as long as I could to respond!!!
    (ps-thanks for the mention)


    1. I did indeed have a birthday in November. Knew you would work it out. Thank you for your discretion in not decoding the Roman numerals and for you restraint in waiting to respond!
      The mention was a pleasure. We are now ‘quits’

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  2. The Skinny Elongated Hexigon quilt does sound like a wonderful way to use up scrap pieces. I am thinking this will be a project you will work on over several years? Congratulations on your progress on your self imposed stitching sampler challenge 🙂


  3. Oh Mariss, shelter from the storm. A beautiful creation and so appropriate for so many at this time. I am glad to say I have found my shelter in Scotland and would love for you to visit one day.


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