Up and Down

This week I took down my exhibition of textile art and now it is up on the Virtual Fringe of the National Arts Festival’s website. And yes, it does feel as if I have been riding on a see-saw.

The exciting part of this up-and-down time is seeing the work on my computer screen. Thanks to the National Arts Festival for making this happen. If you would like to have a look, click here to get to the relevant page and then scroll down a bit to enter the virtual exhibition space.

There is also a page on the FABRICATIONS website where you can read all the labels that accompany the photographs of the work that was on display. Here’s a quick link (or go to my website’s menu above) to find it.

Taking down the exhibition went quickly. It was a bit depressing to see white walls where the quilts had hung. But it was also nice to bundle them up and bring them home. Another up-and-down experience.

finishing line

House Portrait #5. 25 x 34 cm. Machine appliqued, machine embellished, and hand quilted

The Bishop’s House in Beaufort Street is one of old Grahamstown’s most historic houses. One-time residence of the Catholic bishop, it is now owned by the Albany Museum and was the premises of the National English Literary Museum for decades. For one of those decades it was my place of daily work and I grew fond of the old building with its interesting nooks and crannies. It was the last piece I stitched for my recent exhibition and I added the finishing touches to it this week (after taking the exhibition down).

15 thoughts on “Up and Down

  1. I had a look! What a pity people couldn’t visit it in person it looks great. Very special to have so many of your pieces displayed together.


  2. “Up and Down” is putting it nicely…what a roller coaster ride it’s been for you in this. You’re weathering it with grace, which is reflected in your (he)artistic output and ability to ‘go with the flow’ as need be.
    The interactive tour offers a better feel for your body of work and ‘shows’ well as an exhibit – fantastic!
    BTW: I think you should keep your 2021 Exhibition Page up on your website as a regular page on the menu.
    peace, friend.


    1. I think the whole world is roller coastering the COVID waves.
      Thank you for taking the time to look at the sites and for your comments on them, dear Laura.
      I have also been heartened by the support and encouragement from my local community who have looked at the work and bought some pieces.


  3. I appreciated the 360 tour via that link but what I really appreciated was the link on your website with the details of each piece. My favorites are the Secret Garden #7, City Trees, and the whole Containment Series. Well everything was awesome and if you tire of any pieces just send them to me! Congratulations again and I cannot believe you started stitching/art quilting in 2001 – you are so accomplished – it is like you’ve had a 30+ year career. Hope you get to teach more in the future and share your incredible talents. Your fan – Tierney 🙂


  4. Hi Mariss, it is sad that after all the trouble of mounting the exhibition and so beautifully too that the actual space could not be visited, and poignant seeing your photos of the exhibits all rolled up to go home.
    However the virtual exhibition is a fair substitute. I read your post yesterday but wanted to take more time to look at the exhibition photos before commenting, and I really enjoyed your impressive body of work on virtual display here. I hope it attracts the (virtual) visitors it deserves.


  5. A tremendous amount of stitching resulting in a wide range of interesting pieces and even though it had to be basically virtual, it looks fantastic.


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